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Founder and senior consultant at Designed By ME Consultancy Ltd., Mark has worked since 1995 within Design and Technology in the Education Sector both in state and independent settings and since 2011 as a Design and Technology and Health and Safety Consultant.

Consultants Profile:

Name:                        Mark Elwell

Born:                          1974

Qualifications:            BA Hons with Qts from Brunel University, (1992-1995), in                                          Design and Technology with Education.

                                   Lead Health and Safety Consultant for the Design and                                               Technology Association (D&TA) (2018 - present)         

                                   Lead RDTHSC with the Design and Technology Association                                         (D&TA)  (2018 - present)

                                   NEBOSH (pending)

                                   Committee Member of CLEAPSS Steering Group (2018 -                                             present)

                                   Member of BS4163 Committee (2019 - Present)

                                   P601 LEV Qualification

Teaching Experience: Design and Technology Teacher since 1995

                                   Head of Department

                                   Head of Faculty

                                   Assistant Principal

                                   Assistant Vice Principal

Specialisms:               All aspects of Design and Technology

                                   Health and Safety in Design and Technology                                                              Health and Safety Training

                                   Facilities design and development

                                   Machine training and operation

                                   Teacher training

                                   Head of Department/Faculty guidance.

                                   CPD for Design and Technology departments

                                   GCSE: Design and Technology

                                   (Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Product                                                         Design, Systems and Control), Food Technology

                                   Technical Awards, Engineering, Construction.

                                   A-Level/Post 16: Product Design, Graphical                                                            Communications, Design and Technology, Engineering,                                              Construction.

Contact Details:


Providing the highest quality support, training and service for Design and Technology Departments within the Education sector.

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