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As a Design and Technology teacher the need to increase or develop your personal skill sets in a wide range of materials and processes is a vital part of ensuring you are able the best possible chances to all your students.

Also it is important that as a Design and Technology teacher you are able to excel your students ability to use a machine fully. And with this in mind this training programme has been created to enable you to move your skills on a machine(s) to create high end product and utilising your school machinery in full.

As part of the services and training packages that Designed By ME Consultancy Ltd. offers, there is the chance to create a bespoke training programme ranging from after school sessions to full days of training on any aspect of practical teaching. the list of possible areas is endless and that is where we come into our own by working with you to create the most effective and therefore value for money training package.

Areas that the training could cover:

  • Resistant Materials:

    • Basic hand tools, ​individual machinery training, specialist machine training

  • Systems and Control:

    • Soldering, PCB production​

  • Graphic Products

    • Graphical rendering, Basic graphical skills, CAD​

  • Textiles

    • Sawing machine techniques​

If there is some practical skills that you want to enhance or you want to develop further please do contact Designed By ME Consultancy Ltd. to create a bespoke programme for you.

Providing the highest quality support, training and service for Design and Technology Departments within the Education sector.

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