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All Design and Technology Departments have a day to day responsibility for the sewing machines that they have and use. This includes the maintenance and annual servicing to keep them in good working order.

At Designed By ME Consultancy Ltd. we offer a bespoke servicing program that provides both and professional service and piece of mnd.

Any service that is carried out by Designed By ME Consultancy Ltd. will be carried out by a professional and caring expert who will work to ensure that your machines are in full working order and inline with BS4163/CLEAPSS?BB81 recommendations and also fulfills any HSE recommendations for annual servicing by an outside contractor.

Any service carried out will include the following:

  • Written report stating any issues of non compliance.

  • Oiling and greasing of parts as required.

  • Full clean of machine.

  • New standard sewing needle fitted as standard.

Cost of servicing will depend upon the machines you have plus travel costs.

servicing of sewing machines starts from as little as £20.00 per machine.

Providing the highest quality support, training and service for Design and Technology Departments within the Education sector.

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