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Designed By ME Consultancy provides a comprehensive training service for new and existing technical support staff for Design and Technology departments.

Often the person who is employed and then expected to know the ins and outs of all machines, regulations and procedures related to the department - Designed By ME Consultancy can create a one of over view programme or even a longer programme which will support this person (or persons) become fully aware of all their roles and responsibilities.

This programme will also enable the department to become efficient and effective maximising the often most valuable procession.

So if you are looking for technician support in any of the following ways please do contact for more information:

  • Roles and responsibilities.

  • Machine maintenance.

  • Maximising effectiveness.

  • Consultancy work.

Alternatively if there is an aspect of technical support you are looking for please do feel free to contact Design By ME Consultancy to discus your needs and how we can hep you.

Providing the highest quality support, training and service for Design and Technology Departments within the Education sector.

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